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LG1. Late Gustavian chandelier, CHB, Carl Henric Brolin. H= 100 cm. Ljuskrona, Kristallkrona.

Item No: LG1 Description: Late Gustavian chandelier, CHB, Carl Henric Brolin. High quality Stockholm work. Six + one candlelight, burnt-gilded brass frame, with crystals with assorted cuts in…

E31 Chandelier H= 110 cm

Item No:  E31 Description:   Chandelier Designer/Maker: Proveniens: Konstnären Jonas Åkessons  Ateljé (1879-1970) Year: Early 20th-century Origin: Sweden Material: Crystal Gilded Brass Electrified Dimensions: H= 110 cm AIGFVD  …

E9 Big chandelier 19th-century

Item No:  E9 Description: Chandelier Designer/Maker: Year:  19th-century Origin: Danish / North Germany Material: Dimensions:  Ø= 90 cm H= 125 cm AKMBLS Hits: 798Follow us. Price request.

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