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A7278. Sulla chair/ Klismoschair Signed PT, Petter Thunberg 1799

Item No: A7278 Description:  Sulla chair / Klismos chair. The Sulla chair descended from ancient Greece and has been named by the Roman emperor Lucius Cornelius Sulla. You…

A4827 Empire gilt wood wall clock, Per Heinrich Beurling

Item No:  A4827 Description: Empire gilt wood wall clock Designer/Maker: Per Heinrich Beurling, master in Stockholm 1783-1830. Year:  Early 19th century Origin: Sweden Material: Gilded Dimensions: AIICPD Hits:…

A3084. 5 Lindome Chairs

Item No:  A3084 Description:  5 Empire Chairs Designer/Maker: Made in Lindome Year: Early 19th-century Origin: Sweden Material: Birch Dimensions: Hits: 835Follow us. Price request.

A5644 Empire Mirror

Item No:  A5644 Description:  Empire Mirror Designer/Maker: Year: 19th-century Origin: Sweden Material: Gilded Dimensions: AQMBHY Hits: 840Follow us. Price request.

80 Display cabinet

Item No:  80 Description: Display cabinet Designer/Maker: Year: ca: 1910 Origin: Sweden Material: Mahogany Dimensions:  W= 380 cm D= 46 cm H= 234 cm AQQKTBY Hits: 1926Follow us….

73 A pair of side tables

  Item No:  73 Description: A pair of side tables late Gustavian Designer/Maker: Year: 19th-century Origin: Sweden Material: Later paint Dimensions:  W= 59 cm D= 42 cm H=…

68 Colon cabinets

Item No:  68 Description: A pair of colon cabinet, late gustavian Designer/Maker: Year: 18th-century Origin: Sweden Material: Elm Dimensions: W= 44 cm D= 40 cm H= 133 cm…

58 Stool

Item No:  58 Description: Stool Empire style Designer/Maker: Wallander & Co Year: 20th-century Origin: Sweden Material: Mahogany Dimensions: H= 56 cm W= 65 cm D= 39 cm ACGFS…

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